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I am the founder of Circle of Moms, formerly known as A Woman, A Wife, A Mother Ministries (WWM). WWM started as a simple home Bible study in 2003  in Spangdahlem, Germany. A few ladies from my church approached me with a request to start a small Bible Study geared towards encouraging mothers and wives. The Bible Study started with just three ladies. In just over a month, there were about 20 women in my tiny living room. 


In 2005 the Air Force moved our family to Goldsboro, NC. Just a year later, WWM became a nonprofit organization and 13 years, we served the women in our community with mentorship, health and wellness classes, parenting workshops, doula services, and childbirth education. The board decided that birth work was the most impactful work of the nonprofit and that we should solve problems within our community regarding birth work. After a unanimous vote, we amended our name, vision, and mission. 


On August 1, 2020, WWM Ministries became A Circle of Moms. We look forward to impacting our community with all things geared towards pregnancy, birth, the postpartum period, and beyond.

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