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Updated: Jan 9, 2019

"One of my favorite stores to shop in is World Market." -Alaine Strozier

Welcome to our blog.  I'm Alaine and I am a communicator.  I like all modes of communication including pictures. A picture can communicate a lot of emotion as well as tell as story. This picture tells a lot about me.  One of my favorite stores to shop in is World Market. I find it to be eclectic and when I am there my wish is to have $1,000 to just go on a shopping spree. The pillow I am sitting on speaks volumes as to how I like to relax. I enjoy sitting on the floor. My grandmother was a strong West Indian woman who loved to sit on the floor. I remember her sitting low and singing hymns in her deep West Indian accent. Those are sweet memories. We spent hours together and because of her I still enjoy singing hymns and sitting on pillows to this day.

What is my style? I adore earth toned fabrics and linen, oh how I adore wearing free flowing linen garments. There is no linen in this picture, I just wanted to share that tid-bit with you - lol.  I'm not too fancy so simple hair styles, oils that make me smell good, hot tea and bare feet are some of my favs. 

I am very excited to let you peep into my life by sharing my personal experiences with you. As a person who is very influential in the lives of women, I have a strong conviction to share what walking by faith looks like from day to day. Everything is not perfect all of the time and what I have found is that I grow most when things aren't perfect. I grow when life throws punches and I have to wield my sword - the Word - of God in order maintain victory.  I want to share how God's name is glorified and my life is made better because of it. I hope you enjoy blogging with us. 

Shalom Aleichem 

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This is awesome Alaine

can’t wait to see and hear more. Love ya❤️❤️😘


Actually it is taking me 5min, to tell you, How proud I am of you and your honesty. My heart explodes, my eyes run Iike a river. As the old folks say “Let it be real real R E A L oh my Lord”. Are you the Blogger and I am the Bloggie. Don’t worry I’ll catch up😂


So excited to see what’s coming!😊🙌🏾


Tijuana Lewis
Tijuana Lewis
Jan 11, 2019

I'm so exited about this blog!❤ This gave me a breath of FRESH AIR.....LIFE!


Absolutely love it!! Can’t wait!! This is beautiful!!

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