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The First Step to Child Training

This picture was taken in Lakenheath, England in the fall of 2000.  I am standing next to my friend Jill in my third trimester of pregnancy with our third child. This lady absolutely transformed my entire mind in regards to child training.  I would see her in church with her children and I was drawn to her.  Jill, her husband and all of their children sat on the pew, well mannered and attentive. I observed intently. I liked what I saw.  I loved the way she interacted with her boys.  She carried the baby in a sling and never look frazzled.

One day I had to walk out of the service for something and we bumped into each other in the lobby.  We both smiled at one another and the conversation took off.  I asked her questions about her family and she answered.  I was floored.  I had never, ever in all of my life heard anyone talk about child training, home schooling, keeping the home, marriage and family like Jill.  I heard her words and saw her fruit.  One thing Sister Freeman always taught me was to be a fruit inspector.  I inspected her fruit and I wanted fruit like hers.  From that day on I decided to call her friend and learn everything I could while we were stationed at the same base together. She planted seeds in my soul that I kept, prayed over, talked about with my husband and implemented in our home. 

The first thing I suggest you do as a mother is to find a woman whose fruit is ripe. Find her and stick close to her.  Ask her questions, receive wisdom from her and apply the knowledge. Jill used to have small groups at her house and I was there.  I would see her talking to a group of women at church, and I invited myself to the conversation. She took her children to a homeschooling group, and I started taking mine.  I was not even officially homeschooling but I was there.  I was determined to pick up everything she was putting down. 

Dear person reading this blog, find your Naomi. Find that woman in your life who will help you with knowledge, understanding and wisdom.  Listen to her.  Do what she says, submit to the Holy Spirit that speaks through her.  Here is your homework assignment for the week; write down the names of possible Naomi's in your life. Pray over that list and let the Holy Spirit tell you which one to reach out to. It doesn't matter what stage of parenting you are in.  Find that woman with ripe fruit and have a conversation with her.  Let her know why you need her.  Let her know your parental struggle.  Let her know the vision for your family and then ask her if she will walk this journey out with you. 

The first part of Psalm 127:1 says, "Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted." Don't be wasteful. 

Shalom Aleichem  #AWoman #AWife #AMother #WWMMinistries #WWMMinistriesBlog

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