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"I was 41 weeks pregnant and really, really ready to mother this new baby girl that the world was waiting to embrace." -Alaine Strozier

Once a woman gets to that 40 week mark in her pregnancy, she is typically ready to see her baby. I know I sure was, just look at that big smile on the picture attached to this blog. I was 41 weeks pregnant and really, really ready to mother this new baby girl that the world was waiting to embrace. I had never had pitocin (A synthetic form of oxytocin, used to induce labor). I was on the pitocin for a few hours and then my body took over so I was able to come off of the induction medication. The contractions were long, strong and regular. It was just what I needed to birth our last baby. Two days in the hospital, two days postpartum and I was headed home to continue to build my family.

What about you? How was your postpartum experience? Did you have breast feeding support? Did you have a friend or a family member to cook and clean for you while you bonded with your baby? Did you have someone there to entertain your other children and get them off to school so that you could sleep and snuggle with your baby? Did your body quickly snap back to its pre-pregnancy state? No issues with hot flashes, hemorrhoids, breast engorgement, and no soft chubby baby belly or perineal soreness? WOW! You go girl! What was your secret? How'd you find a way around those common postpartum symptoms?

For many, the above description of the super mom postpartum symptom avoidance classification is not a real thing. And guess what ladies, it is okay. It is totally okay to not be a part of that classification of female super power. It is totally common to experience breast engorgement, vaginal swelling, granny pads, granny panties, sadness, depression and beyond. It is totally common to experience exhaustion, and continued small waves of cramping. Girlfriend, if you are still looking very pregnant, are exhausted, have back and hip aches, dry skin, soreness, cracked or bleeding nipples then you are a part of the real world super mom postpartum symptom classification. And guess what? We need to talk about it.

Come on out to Kadosh Life Ministries (800 Corporate Drive) on Thursday May 9th from 6pm to 8pm so that we can watch the movie entitled the Dark Side of the Full Moon where two mothers confront the American health care system to find out why so many women slip through the cracks. After the movie we will discuss anything you want to talk about in regards to postpartum maternal mental health and how you can survive this real world mom thing. This movie is not just for women but it is for the entire community. We want to see men and women come together to get answers, understanding and strategies on what you can do to help your family and others.

Galatians 6:2 says, "Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." I am ready to do something about this burden I have carried. I am ready to bring awareness and to visit the senate on maternal issues in America. Let me know if you have any questions.

Shalom Aleichem






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