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Alaine’s IVC Filter Placement

"On November 30th I had the IVC filter placed and all is well." -Alaine Strozier

After realizing that physical therapy was not working to help with my rotator cuff injury, I went to see my surgeon for a follow-up. After doing some clinical tests my surgeon, from UNC Orthopedics at Goldsboro and I agreed that surgical repair was necessary. Since I have a history of pulmonary embolism (PE) my doctor spoke to me about a precaution he wanted to take just in case my body formed a PE during my post-op recovery. The precaution was to get an inferior vena cava (IVC) filter placed before the surgery and then have an IVC retrieval a few weeks after the surgery.

As he sat on his stool explaining where this filter would go, how it would be placed, and then how it would be removed my heart started to beat fast and a million thoughts started to go through my head. My thoughts were mainly the words on the commercial I heard many times. "Attention blood clot patients with IVC filters, due to the many reports of device failure and severe injuries the FDA is warning IVC filter patients to be aware of device failure."The commercials go on to say that so and so law firm and associates are helping people win lawsuits that focuses on the damages people suffered with IVC filters, and now my doctor wants me to get one. I was like, "Jesus where are you because I need you to speak." My husband drove me to my appointment that day and then went to take Gabby to school. Just before he picked me up I sat on the bench outside of the orthopedic clinic searching Google like a mad woman, you know how we do. I get in the car, give my husband the 411, and broke down in tears.  Of course, my husband offered all of the positives of this situation to calm the last nerve I had left. LOL! Seriously! 

I eventually get a call from the vascular surgeons’ office with an appointment date. The appointment was great! He took his time, answered all of my questions, and sent me on my way. The Lord used him that day. Let me sum up the appointment. Basically, the filter goes in through the groin and 4 weeks later it comes out through the jugular vein in my neck! Ugh! I thought to myself, "Another scar on my neck? Seriously? Wonderful!" Oh well!

At this point it was time to go to the prayer closet and ask Jehovah Rapha what I should do because many around me only had cautions with tragic stories about the IVC filter. I prayed and then I listened.  On November 30th I had the filter placed and all is well. Hallelujah!  Ladies, sometimes you gotta seek the Lord for yourself.  People only know what they know. People speak from their experiences. People speak from their own fears. When you cannot get godly wisdom from anyone of the faith concerning life decisions, turn to the Holy Spirit who will lead and guide you.  Proverbs 3:6 says, "In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths." 

Shalom Aleichem

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