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Mentorship Informational Packet

"The Power of Mentorship"

Becoming a participant in mentoring involves completing intake materials that include the WWMMentoring Questionnaire and disclaimer.

Our mentoring approach consists of a Spiritual/educational perspective. It is geared toward individuals who have, by faith, trusted Christ as their Lord and Savior and who are seeking to grow in their relationship with Him.


Mentoring with WWM is based on a holistic approach to empower the spirit, soul, and body of a woman.  When an individual participates in this model of mentoring, it is expected that her desire is to mature in Christ and to know Him more intimately. This perspective will be the focus during mentoring. Our belief is that underlying every problem is a spiritual issue. Therefore, the focus of our mentoring is not on behavior change but change of the persons spiritually mentality.


A specific process is involved in this model of mentoring for individuals. It begins with getting to know the individual personally. This information is utilized to identify false beliefs and defeating behaviors that have been brought into adult relationships that have gotten her stuck in life. Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will uncover these behaviors through personal confession so that healing can take place for each individual.


After this, each person will be introduced to the spiritual solution. The basis of the solution is understanding who we are and what Christ has for us. It also includes focusing on Christ meeting all of our needs. We will learn to give up dependency on actions and thoughts that we have allowed to defeat us. This involves addressing issues such as anger, unforgiveness, low-self esteem, shame, hidden sin and letting go of the past. 


Then, there is the process of the mentor walking along side the participant as they learn to depend on Christ as she faces daily circumstances.

Check out our Events & Registration page for when we will host our next Mentorship Program Informational!

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