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Detox Program

Many of you have probably heard about detoxing. The Internal Cleansing Plan by Alice Freeman's Healthy Hearts Plus is a great way to cleanse, and make a lifestyle change. The program costs $60.00 and includes week by week instructions on what to eat, a devotional, tea, fiber supplements to help with elimination, and information on how to change from unhealthy food choices to healthy food choices. 


During these thirty days, you and your detox coach will meet once a week online or face to face to talk about your victories, strengths, struggles or any questions. We will pray together and talk about what God has to say in regards to our body. 


You can complete this cleanse individually or with a small group facilitated by a detox coach. The goal of this detox is to cleanse your body and to make a lifestyle change.  Our  prayer is that once you complete this program you will have a renewed mind in the area of grocery shopping, food preparation and choices.


If you are interested register online for our next detox class on the events & registration page. 


P.S. You can do this plan with a small group of friends for accountability! 

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