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Grocery Shopping Tour


Dear Grocery Shopper, 


If your desire is to easily and confidently pick from grocery store shelves the healthiest and most delicious foods...then this is going to be the most power-packed grocery shopping experience you have ever had!


Here's why, after our tour, you will be able to wisely choose healthy foods for your family without frustration or defeat. Many people are inexperienced, uneducated, and uninformed in the area of shopping for healthy food. A Woman, A Wife, A Mother Ministries wants to take you through the grocery store in order to teach you how to read labels, ingredient labels as well as show you what foods to stay away from. 


After your tour, we encourage you to teach what you have learned with your children!  Let us not raise a generation of diabetic, obese and mal-nourished children.  Let your light shine in this world, so that others will see your good work and glorify the Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16). 


Since the Lord said he will satisfy believers with long life, it may as well be a healthy life!


Register for our next grocery store shopping tour! Be sure to sign up as soon as registration opens because slots are limited! 


We look forward to sharing this grocery store experience with you. 


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